CERN squash league

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15 September to 30 June: League games

  • Each league will contain 5 players and will be run on a monthly cycle, i.e. everyone plays 4 games per month.
  • At the end of each cycle, the top 2 players are promoted and the bottom 2 demoted.
    In the event of two or more players having equal points, the following criteria shall be used to decide the placing, in this order of preference:
    • winner of head-to-head match finishes higher
    • most number of games played finishes higher
    • sets lost - lower is better
    • gentlemen's (or -women's) agreement
    • coin toss, or if prefered by players, a play off to decide who finishes higher
  • Games should be best-of-5 matches, played to 'traditional' squash rules (i.e. score on each rally, first to 11 points wins game, etc.).
  • The players win one point for each game won, plus one point for turning up to play, plus one point bonus for winning the game.
    The table of possible points scored for completed matches is given below.
    Note that if a match is not completed (e.g. time run out, injury), a valid points score can still be agreed, unless the players can arrange to complete the match another time.
    If a player defaults a game, the points scored will be 3-0 to the player able to play (i.e. s/he does not get a point for turning up, just 3 for the virtual win).
  • Matches can be played at any venue agreed between the players.
    Observe the code of conduct for entry into the clubs where the matches will be played.
    Most clubs allow a member to invite a non-member, usually with the payment of a one-off fee.
    Some clubs even let two non-members play.
    Pay fees as required, also if you are not a member.
  • Players must contact each other to mutually agree match times and venues.
  • Communicate results using this form before the specified deadline.
    Otherwise we will assume that the match did not take place.
    We suggest that the winner be responsible for communicating the results.
  • Player with 0 games during the month will be removed from the leagues, except if s/he contacts us BEFORE the end of the month.
  • The new leagues will be drawn up on about the 3rd of each month and communicated to the players by email.
  • New players can be accomodated in the appropriate league on request.
    In general any new players will have to wait to join until the new leagues are published at the start of the month.
  • Table showing points scored for completed matches
    Match forfeited
    3 points to innocent party

01 July to 14 September: Summer ladder

  • The list is created with the rank after the JUNE leagues
  • Any player (A) can challenge any player (B) positioned 15 or less positions above.
    • If A wins
      • A moves to Bís position (rule 1)
      • B (and players between A and B) moves 1 down (rule 2)
    • If B wins
      • A moves one place up (rule 3)
      • B moves one place up (rule 4)
    • Special case where A=B+1 (A is just below B):
      • Before the match we have X-B-A-Y
      • If A wins, rule 1 gives us X-A-B-Y
      • If B wins, rules 3&4 give B-A-X-Y (X is 2 down)
        For this special case, only rule 4 will apply, giving B-X-A-Y
  • On 1st September the leagues will be created with the 5 first in league 1, then the next 5 in league 2, etc...
  • Notes for new players:
    • If you are not in the list, you can challenge any player.
      If you win the game, you will be placed just above your opponent.
      If you lose, you enter at the bottom of the list.
    • Emails of all players can be found here.
      See here for other info and contacts

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